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“If you want to see Kathak perfectly executed you need to see her.”

Audience member, Hemantika Festival 2017

“Archita was an incredible engaging leader, children loved the story and families were fully involved with the dancing workshop from little ones to older adults, some families even repeated in the second round. (If I hadn't been working I would have joined in too!) We are very pleased with her work and we will love to have her next year again.”

Maria Gomez-Diez, Burgh House & Hampstead Museum

“Archita Kumar provides an angelic presence, a strong force constantly keeping Arnold focused and grounded. Kumar performs choreography with Kathak influences with grace.”

Review of 'Paradiso':


  • Sanket (Drishti Dance; 2019)

  • Mahadev (Ashwini Kalsekar; 2019)

  • Solo Kathak (Hemantika Kathak Festival; 2017) 

  • Paradiso (Akademi; 2017)

  • Kathak-Perkelt music collaboration (Collage Nights; 2017)

  • Sufi Zen (Akademi; 2009-2017)

  • Bells (Akademi; 2007-2012)

  • Baharan (Pagrav Dance Company; 2009)

  • Daredevas (Akademi; 2008)

  • Ekatra (Akademi; 2004)

  • Waterscapes (Akademi; 2004)

  • Kathak-Flamenco (Sujata Banerjee Dance Company; Milapfest Dance Yatra Festival; 2002)

  • Legacy of Tradition (Triveni Dance Company, Queen Elizabeth Hall; 2001)


  • Royal Collection - choreographed  a Kathak ensemble piece for the 'Splendours of the Subcontinent' exhibition, performed at the Queen's Gallery

  • Bloomsbury Festival Intergenertaional dance project (Akademi; 2017)

  • Walthamstow Garden Party (Barbican/Khyal Arts; 2017)

  • Zee Birmingham Mela Heliosphere (Nutkhut2017)

  • Storytelling and Kathak: Co-choreograhped with Manueal Benini; Victoria and Albert Museum, London (Emergency Exit Arts; 2015)

  • Simply Star: Kathak duet (Star Television/Sapnay Dance; 2009)

Kathak solo performed at Hemantika Festival 2017. Choreography and Music: Archita Kumar.
Collaboration with Medieival Celtic Speed Folk band, Perkelt.  Perfomred at Collage Nights March 2017.
Akademi intergenerational dance project for Bloomsbury Festival 2017. Choreographed by Archita Kumar.
PARADISO produced by Akademi, choreographed by Jose Agudo. Music: Bernhard Schimpelsberger.

Pagrav Dance Company's BAHARAN choreographed by Urja Desai Thakore.  Music: Jataneel Banerjee and Hiren Chate.  

Tarana (original choreography by Maulik Shah, reworked by Archita Kumar).  Performed at the UCL Bloomsbury Theatre.  Music rights: Maulik Shah.

Kalavati Tarana. Music: Pandit Birju Maharaj


Image: © Simon Richardson

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