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Available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify

Available on iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay, Spotify

Commercial releases

Commercial Singles released by Music Mandi Ltd:

  • Pensacola (2017)

  • Prokaryon (2016)

  • Crosswinds (2016)



  • Ellandar Productions: 'Silently Hoping' - directed by Mingyu Lin (2019)

  • Sampad Arts: 'No Bond So Strong' - directed by Mingy Lin (2019)


  • Spin Arts: Earth Mothers RnD choreographed and performed by Sonia Sabri and Keira Martin (2019)

  • Phizzial: In Out of Shape performed by Hiten Mistry, Choreographed by Sonia Sabri (2018).

  • Sampad Arts: Partition. Choreographed by Manuela Benini performed at Birmingham Victoria Square (2017)

  • Akademi Choreographic Commisions: Mare Nostrum choreographed by Manuela Benini. Performed at London Southbank Centre Alchmey Festival (2017)

  • Emergency Exit Arts: Diwali in the Square performed at London's Trafalgar Square (2016)

Sonia Sabri and Keira Martin - Earth Mothers - R&D produced by Spin Arts. Music by Archita Kumar and Amy-Rose Atkinson (2019).

Hiten Mistry 'In Out of Shape' choreography by Sonia Sabri, produced by Phizzical, Music by Archita Kumar (2018).

Mare Nostrum produced by Akademi, choreography by Manuela Benini, performed by Natalia Hildner, music by Archita Kumar (tabla recordings by Joby Joy). 2017.

© 2017 Archita Kumar